"And this I ask of you, my dear Filipino brothers and sisters, that you be aware of the supreme dignity to which you are called -- eternal life in Christ. You are a noble people in Christ."

- John Cardinal O'Connor    

These were the inspiring words used by the late Cardinal O'Connor, eighth archbishop of New York, to describe the Filipino community and to remind us of our calling as disciples of Christ.

Welcome to the FYA Website!

The FYA is made up of Filipino youth and young adults from different parishes throughout New York dedicated to the mission of evangelization. In collaboration with parish groups and other youth ministries, we hold recollections and retreats throughout the year and assist in Filipino masses in various parishes.

We hope that you will find our website to be a useful source of information about the FYA, our history, our recent activities and upcoming events. If you are a young Filipino Catholic who wants to serve our Lord and the Church, we encourage you to join the FYA.